Scrapbooking with Your Child Creates Memories and Bonding Time

My friend’s grandson, Alex, has recently gotten so into scrapbooking that it inspired me to write this blog post. I am in complete awe of what Alex’s newfound hobby has become.

What started as a trip to Michael’s Crafts to buy materials for birdhouse painting ended with Alex and my friend walking down the scrapbook aisle where stickers, papers, tools, and stamps sparked a very serious conversation.

“What’s a scrapbook? You mean, you could print out pictures for me and I can buy paper and stickers and glue them on there? Can I make a page just for Cooper (the family dog)? Look at these tiny schoolbook stickers! I’m going to make a page that’s all about school!”

Alex is seven years old and has an imagination bigger than life. He has always loved to write and create art, and I can’t think of a better blend of the two than making a scrapbook.

He decided that he wanted a scrapbook big enough to fill the pages throughout his whole life, and after my friend got a good chuckle out of that, they settled on a 50-page “mega scrapbook.”

My friend brought a cart-full of goodies home — glue, markers, stamps, patterned paper, fancy scissors for cutting interesting edges, and themed sticker sets — and they started on Alex’s very first scrapbook pages.

They chose to start making pages with pictures from Christmas the prior year. After working for several hours and completing three pages together, Alex proudly showed me his book and walked me through every page.

He talked about the first snow ski lesson he had ever had in the mountains that Christmas (excitedly pointing out the candy cane and Santa stickers that went with the page), and beamed as he showed pictures of all the presents he received that year (he even remembered what was in almost every wrapped box!).

The pictures on those pages were filled with his family and gallons of smiles. They were bits and pieces of Christmas that add up to tell a beautiful, memorable story.

I watched as Alex’s little finger traced over the pages, his mind racing with memories and excitement, and I thought, “What a wonderful hobby for parents to introduce to their children.” That’s why I’m writing this post. As important as it is to verbally tell stories, read stories together, create art, and talk about art, I believe it’s a wonderful idea to combine them all!

Making a scrapbook with your child ignites curiosity, sparks conversation, preserves memories, and becomes a forever keepsake.







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She would like to see them in all of California’s elementary schools.

-Rosaline Turnbull Past President of the California Parent Teacher’s Association

Yours is a comforting voice during a challenging time. Your stories are charming. Each one is uniquely warm and inspiring, and the messages are uplifting for children and parents alike. The books deserve to be in homes across the country — and the world. They remind me of one of my all-time heroes:  Mr. Rogers!  They are kind, nurturing, and so encouraging.

-Tom Soma Former Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House Charities

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-Ludmila Levine Chairman of the American English Department

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These books are absolutely incredible. An excellent job of inspiring children’s creativity activities.

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The detail and care you’ve put in these stories is remarkable. I celebrated the wonderful wisdom those students reflected to me while reading your books.

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