Unique Halloween Activities For The Kids!

Halloween is coming, and you can imagine the creative juices that are flowing through my body! Pumpkins, fall leaves, arts and crafts, costumes, candy…. The holiday season excitement has just begun, and Halloween kicks it all off!

Art and stories are my passion, and while Reading Is Fun! Imagine That! is filled with both, there is nothing specific to Halloween. So…..I came up with a few of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween so I can share them with you! Maybe these will be one-time occasions with your children, or maybe they will become traditions that you can do for many years to come.

The internet is, of course, filled with ideas for arts and crafts, DIY projects, games to make, costumes to make or buy, etc. so I wanted to dig a little deeper and provide ideas rather than step-by-step projects to let your creative ideas start flowing, too!

First, I will say, that sometimes the unplanned arts and crafts are often the best. Just set out some glue, construction paper, tape, crayons, markers, and stickers, and see what happens! Add a few pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, and cotton balls and magic will happen (especially if you fill the table with fall-colored supplies!).

Baking is a form of art that gets your child some wonderful hands-on experience and quality time with you! Get some Oreo cookies, add some googly eyes on top using frosting as “glue”, and place six half pretzel sticks (three in each side) for legs and, voila! You have Halloween spiders.

Take some of those Oreos, crumble them until they look like dirt, then place them on top of chocolate pudding in a clear cup. Add a few gummy worms and you have creepy, dirty worm snacks!

If baking and art isn’t enough, throw some science in there! Witch-brew baking soda, bat slime, fizzy eyeballs, and icy spiders are a few fun ones to try!

Glow in the dark activities are always fun for kids, so here are a few unique ways to play in the dark (a quick internet search can show you exactly how to execute these ideas): make glow-in-the-dark slime, play dough, magic potion, and spider webs.

I hope these ideas set the ball in motion for a little Googling and Halloween activity!

Happy creating!





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