Fun, Green Things To Do For St. Patrick’s Day!!

Hi, Friends,

I have been Googling again. St. Patrick’s Day is here, and that means the creative options for all things green are endless! Keeping with the theme of Reading Is Fun! Imagine That! I have been searching high and low for ways to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with different activities, crafts, traditions, and let’s not forget storytelling! One way to kick off the shamrock, leprechaun, pot-o-gold holiday is to tell your children how it all began (with St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland).

St. Patrick’s legacy evolved into a celebration of Irish culture with parades, music, beer, and of course, everything green. Families now celebrate the holiday with fun and interesting traditions, and these – as well as some crafts and activities – are what I want to share in this post.

A lot of people turn everything they eat on St. Patrick’s Day, green. Milk, potatoes, corned beef and cabbage, beer. Adding a drop of green food dye on your child’s eggs in the morning and in their milk is something, if you do it year after year, that they’ll always look forward to and never forget.

Since we’re talking traditions here, this is another idea that I love that could start a forever St. Patrick’s Day custom. Make a leprechaun trap. This is the new thing with kids and parents these days! If your youngster is still at the age of believing in magic, help him/her create a trap (something simple…a shoebox with leprechaun food inside and a little door propped on a stick that will collapse once the leprechaun goes inside). The leprechaun is, of course, magic, so you’ll have to leave a little trail of something behind (i.e. green glitter) to show that he made it out okay.

Another fun tradition would be a rainbow construction paper link that your child can tear apart as the days to St. Patty’s Day get closer (like a Christmas countdown chain, but with rainbow colors). And speaking of rainbows, something simple and fun to do with your child is color or paint a rainbow together. Sprinkle some gold glitter at the end of it and voila, you have leprechaun rainbow art!

Now let’s talk about St. Patrick’s Day activities. Draw a four-leaf clover, color it with your child, and write down all the reasons you love them on the leaves. This will not only remind them of how special they are, but will give them quality time with you. Call is their “lucky leprechaun leaf” and they’ll surely love it forever.

Bake together! You can make homemade marshmallows (messy but worth it!) and rice crispy treat shamrocks together. Place some green sprinkles on top and they’ll twinkle…just an added bonus to these fun treats!

Lastly, when the leprechaun comes on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, they are going to leave your house a mess (and of course, the extent of that mess is up to you!). Kids these days go to school on St. Patrick’s Day to find it torn apart from a crazy leprechaun having fun the night before. They tip over chairs and desks, spread papers all over the classroom, and leave it a total wreck. Make it fun for your kids. Let them come downstairs to a few overturned piece of furniture and a small sprinkle of glitter on the countertop, and call it a day. You don’t need to go crazy. Just do enough to show your kids that the leprechaun was there.

St. Patrick’s Day really can be a fun holiday for kids, beyond the standard wearing of green that day to keep from getting pinched. The arts and crafts and creativity surrounding this holiday is endless.

Happy St. Patty’s day,

Ruth A. Radmore




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