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 THE CAMPER                        

 I like to walk along this road,

some sights will never change.

The lovely lake that’s calm today

reflects the mountain range.


The fields are warming in the sun,

it all looks so serene,

with trees and meadow on display

in varied shades of green.


And there, just off the road I see

a tent and camping site.

I guess someone had come along

and planned to spend the night.


Why would someone select this spot

along the lonely road?

Perhaps his vehicle broke down

and needed to be towed.


That tent is not the common type,

it’s shape is strange but neat.

The canvas doesn’t reach the ground,

as if it’s not complete.


It has some rather funny shapes

like things inside poke out.

The camper must have traveled miles,

a trip to talk about.


Guess what? A tail has just poked out

and wrapped around a stake!

I’m glad to see he has a pet.

What differences pets make!


His tent’s quite short, it’s left some space

and doesn’t reach the ground.

I hope no animals walk in,

there are a few around.


I’d love to see the things inside,

but I should not intrude.

My folks have said that’s not polite,

I don’t want to seem rude.


I think I see two odd-shaped wheels,

one large and one that’s small.

Those wheels I think seem rather strange,

like none I’ve seen at all.


Perhaps they’re for something he rides,

or carries camping gear.

I can’t imagine how they’d roll,

it’s hard to tell from here.


Oh look! That tail just disappeared,

I wish that he’d come out,

so I could see the rest of it

and watch it run about.


I think I’ll simply wait awhile

and meet who’s camping there.

Since I’m not doing any harm,

I doubt if he would care.


I wonder if he’s had his meal,

with quite enough to eat?

Perhaps I’ll get to see him soon

and have a chance to meet.


He’ll be surprised to see me here

since few folks pass this way.

Perhaps I ought to think about

some thoughtful things to say.


“Good morning, you’re quite welcome here,

come out and greet the day.

I often walk along this road.

I’ll soon be on my way.


“I only stopped to meet you and

to make sure all is well.

You’ve surely found a lovely spot,

as anyone can tell.”


I can’t imagine who I’ll see,

when his tent flap’s untied.

I must admit I was amazed

who’d spent the night inside.











That sight was quite remarkable,

a truly big surprise.

You can’t believe what’s in that tent,

it really filled my eyes!


You’d never guess how those wheels work,

or who would own that tail!

You’ll need to stretch your mind a lot,

so new ideas prevail.


The sight was unbelievable,

I found it made me stare!

It’s nothing I’d imagined or

had heard of anywhere!


The colors were amazing and

each item was unique.

I can’t describe these things to you,

so let your drawing speak.


Where did he sleep, what did he eat,

and what about his pet?

When his pet is fast asleep,

what odd shape would he get?


If you have ever camped a lot,

you might recall some things.

But this camper is not like you,

just look at all he brings.


See how those funny wheels are used,

to make each trip complete!

What does he carry in those bags

so he can cook and eat?


If you say, “That’s IMPOSSIBLE,

no one travels like that!”

You’ll be surprised, just realize,

what you are looking at!


You’re seeing what has never been,

that you would love to see.

If you’ll just stretch your wildest thoughts,

you’ll make a memory.











Imagine what your mind might find,

if you just looked inside.

This tent holds UNBELIEVABLES,

just draw what you’ll decide!


Ruth A. Radmore












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3rd place: Paintbrush Kit

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She would like to see them in all of California’s elementary schools.

-Rosaline Turnbull Past President of the California Parent Teacher’s Association

Yours is a comforting voice during a challenging time. Your stories are charming. Each one is uniquely warm and inspiring, and the messages are uplifting for children and parents alike. The books deserve to be in homes across the country — and the world. They remind me of one of my all-time heroes:  Mr. Rogers!  They are kind, nurturing, and so encouraging.

-Tom Soma Former Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House Charities

I think these books are perfect for children. They are colorful, bright, and the illustrations are awesome. I regret there were no such books in my childhood.

-Ludmila Levine Chairman of the American English Department

They are fun to read. Both the writings and drawings are original. They are amazing.  There are so many things that could be learned. One student commented she was also learning about American culture.

-YiLing Chen Taught Women English

practical, playful, serious, affectionate, enigmatic, and varied.

-Claudine DeFaye Former Professor

These books are absolutely incredible. An excellent job of inspiring children’s creativity activities.

-Mosun Johnston Smith Former Teacher

The detail and care you’ve put in these stories is remarkable. I celebrated the wonderful wisdom those students reflected to me while reading your books.

-Andie Cunningham Instructor